Residenza Paolo VI

I have known the Augustinians for years and I have always admired them. When they informed me of the beginning of their new Foundation and spoke to me of their projects, I immediately said: What can I do to help you?

Senator Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans-Albert Courtial


The Foundation: Augustinians Across the World, and Residenza Paolo VI, with all the comforts of a 4 star hotel and situated in the Vatican Extraterritorial Zone near Piazza S. Pietro, have researched together some initiatives to support social projects in Italy and the Democratic Republic of Congo

The project, called “Many Stars and One Big Heart” has as its goal to invite the many guests of the Residenza to share in a way of financing in Italy some scholarships for students coming from difficult economic and social circumstances and in the Democratic Republic of Congo to support an educative program directed, above all, to child laborers.

In the world, there are now 72 million children who cannot go to school and 215 million who are forced to work from a very young age, and this is unacceptable.

Thanks to these two initiatives, the Foundation: Augustinians Across the World and Residenza Paolo VI, hope to give a better opportunity to 1000 children and young students, nourishing their hope and accompanying them towards a better future.