Supportive Companies

Enterprises can not look only at the index of profits. They must distribute riches, culture, service, democracy. I think that the enterprise is for the human person, not the human person for the factory.

Adriano Olivetti


The economic crisis that has hit the world in these last few years has pointed out the limits of the economic models that have been put forward up to now. Precisely because of this, the Foundation Augustinians Across the World onlus is proposing to agencies opportunities for coordinated projects both for activities in Italy as well as for development in the emerging countries, with the purpose of joining together the goals of the Foundation with the economic objectives of the businesses.

Precisely for the sharing of responsibility for the promotion of a sustainable development, the Foundation Augustinians Across the World onlus and the association Jump to Sustain-ability have created new models of collaboration in order to stimulate the growth shared by the economy, the environment, rights, social action and the academic world.

Therefore, we propose to agencies diverse forms of cooperation, always with respect to our code of ethics and with those benefits that can be easily evaluated both for the agency and Foundation.