Development education and awareness raising

The Foundation Augustinians Across the World, together with the Secretariat for Justice and Peace of the Order of Saint Augustine and with the Augustinian Patristic Institute, propose activities and meeting on intercultural dialogue, peace and the development of people, with the goal of contributing to the formation of a society more mindful, united and ready to assume a fundamental role in advancing a process of sustainable and inclusive development

The debate over development, often very controversial, involves the societies of the advanced countries since the second half of the 1950s. Thanks to the commitment of the Non-Governmental Organizations, (NGOs) and their programs of formation and awareness raising, today we have a society that is more attentive to the themes of international development. This was highlighted in November 2002 the “Development” Council of the European Commission (an organism composed of representatives of the government of the Union) which intervened with a resolution on “Education for Development: Given the global interdependence of our society, the conscious raising through education for development and information contribute to strengthening the desire for international solidarity. This creates a favorable context for the establishment of an intercultural society in Europe, and contributes also to a change of lifestyle as a model for sustainable development for all…” (Development Council of the European Commission, meeting of 8 November 2001).