The multitude of those who came to the faith had one heart and one mind and no one called anything their own, but everything was held in common (Acts of the Apostles 4:32).

We have decided to establish the Foundation Augustinians Across the World truly inspired by a spirit of community and because “we are never able to distance ourselves from the journey that the world is making and we cannot become mere spectators because we live precisely the same hopes and anxieties that all of humanity lives” (Intermediate General Chapter, Dublin, 1974).

Thanks to the Foundation, all of us have another tool, which can help us put into practice the teachings of Saint Augustine, and by means of these social projects, the Augustinian friars can develop in the whole world a way of helping the most poor.

The spiritual enrichment that results from putting in common the resources gathered for the promotion of social works of our friars and in the sharing the results of the projects themselves, we are enabled to live “in communion with others” and to encourage in this way an economic and social development that is sustainable and enduring.

The Foundation Augustinians Across the World has as its task the sustaining of so many humanitarian projects that our missionaries promote in more than 50 countries in five continents and we are convinced that, together with you, we will succeed in bringing about that community of solidarity and charity that was so dear to Saint Augustine.

 Fr. Alejandro Moral Antón, OSA

Prior General