The Augustinians in the World

The Order of Saint Augustine has its headquarters in Rome and is composed of about 2650 missionaries, grouped into Provinces, Delegations and Circumscriptions. Currently, the Augustinian men missionaries work in 54 countries of the world but together with the women Augustinian missionaries, they are working practically everywhere.

In order to better structure their work, they are divided into the following Groups:

  • the Augustinians in Africa (AFA);
  • the Augustinians in Latin America (OALA);
  • the Augustinians of the Asia-Pacific region (APAC);
  • the Augustinians of the US and Canada (FANA);
  • the Augustinians of Europe (OAE).


Moreover in order to bring about a more homogeneous management of certain themes, the General Curia has created 9 commissions:

  • the Commission for Augustinian Educational Centers;
  • the International Economic Commission;
  • the Commission for Initial Formation;
  • the Secretariat for Justice and Peace;
  • the Commission for the Youth;
  • he Commission for the Patristic Institute and Augustinian Studies;
  • the Commission for the Laity;
  • the Commission for Vocations;
  • the Commission for Evangelization and Pastoral Activity, and
  • the Commission for Social Communications