Our projects

Education for all, respect for human rights, equal and sustainable development, These are the values that characterize our mission.

Sectors of intervention


Sustaining the work of the Augustinian missionaries, we have confronted serious humanitarian emergencies that have struck the countries where we are present. Different form the large international organizations, often present in a single territory in order to tackle the emergency, we are able to intervene with timeliness and efficacy, thanks to the real knowledge of the country, based on the years of long-standing and daily presence of our missionaries.
Beyond direct interventions, and thanks to direct involvement with the local population, we are working to develop a program of control and denunciation against speculation and waste which very often limits the efficacy of interventions.


Human dignity is denied not only when there is not enough to eat but also when there is lacking the education that nourishes reason and helps mature thinking. We construct and equip schools, we sustain the formation of a teaching staff and we promote formation programs that improve intercultural exchange and respect for differences. Thus, we work to help children, boys and girls, to whom education is still denied today.

Human rights

Recognition of the dignity inherent to all members of the human family and their rights as equal and inalienable constitutes the basis of liberty, justice and peace in the world (Universal Declaration of Human Rights). We believe that respect for human rights is the basis for every process of sustainable and inclusive development. We promote programs of intercultural dialogue, peace-building and denounce violations of these rights.

Economic Development and the Environment

Economic development must be sustainable and equal and must go hand in hand with environmental improvement and sustainability. In order to stop political and economic foolishness, damaging to the environment and focused solely on their own corporate economic interests, we propose a path that foresees the construction and equipping of centers for work training, we develop courses for professional formation and we finance programs for supporting the creation of productive small businesses.

Creation of Shared Values for Global Development

A path for social and economic development cannot be the responsibility of just a few nor imposed in a top-down way. We propose for this paths of raising awareness and formation on the themes of sustainable development with the goal of making participants of everyone who represents civil society, be they profit and non-profit, religious or lay groups, single individuals or organized structures.

Education for Development and Capacity Building

In a world that is rapidly evolving, also poverty changes with just as much speed. In order to tackle this phenomenon there is a need for a knowledgeable society and for prepared and competent humanitarian workers. For this purpose, we support the formative course for Augustinian students coming from emerging countries; we propose courses of education for the development for peace and for a global vision and we develop courses of professional development for the study and administration of projects, directed toward Augustinian brothers.