Work with us

Precisely for the sharing of responsibility for the promotion of a sustainable development, the Foundation Augustinians Across the World onlus and the association Jump to Sustain-ability have created new models of collaboration in order to stimulate the growth shared by the economy, the environment, rights, social action and the academic world.


Progetto CSR

1. Philanthropy

Donation of good/services and pro bono activity
The agency will be able to increase the value of material goods and human services in a high profile way, thanks to which it will bring together an economic and a social value.

The Foundation is ready to organize opportunities for sharing and encounter with the entire staff of the agency.

Donation in cash one-time giving (Corporate philantropy)
The agency will be able to obtain a public image benefit both with its employees and with its stakeholders (partners, clients, suppliers).

The Foundation, together with the agency, will come up with an adequate communications strategy, both internal and external.

2. Sponsorship

Long Term support of a project
The agency will show a consistency in its strategy of the social responsibility of the business obtaining a evident public image benefit.

The Foundation, besides examining an adequate communications strategy, will guarantee a constant report with the goal of showing and sharing the results of the jointly financed project.

3. Internal Investments

Sponsoring of an event or campaign
The agency will be able to promote its own brand during the specific initiatives using the means of communication of the Foundation.

The Foundation will guarantee its availability to participate in campaigns and programs of communication and sensitization directly bound to the core-business of the agency.

Involvement of the Staff

  • Payroll Giving (Donating the value in cash of an hour of over-time paid day off, such as a vacation day).
  • We support together”: fundraising from employees with the eventual of doubling the sum by a donation from the agency.
  • Volunteering in Italy or outside of the country

The Foundation will participate in times of evaluation of the project, thanks to the presentation of materials for reports and for images. The agency will show to its employees their sensitivity in the encounter with social problems, obtaining thus greater company loyalty. This will contribute to the improving of the climate and relations within the agency, stimulating the creation of a work force that is more cohesive and which acts as an “ambassador” of the values shared in the agency.

The Foundation will participate in the times of evaluation of the project thanks to the presentation of materials for reporting and imaging.


4. Venture Philanthropy

Cause Related Marketing
This is the process in which the businesses and non-profits form a strategic partnership to promote a product that offers reciprocal benefits, always with respect for the diverse missions and valuing their proper professionalism.

  • Co-Marketing: support of a humanitarian project through the sale of a product or service of the agency (% of the price or fixed donation) also providing the presence of the two brands (that of the agency and that of the Foundation).
  • Shared Fundraising: the agency makes available its own channels for the activity of fundraising and promotion, and the Foundation makes available its means of communication for “telling” the collaboration.

The foundation will participate in the definition and promotion of the campaign of joint communication and marketing.

5. Investments in project ex/change

Always based on the principles of CSR, collaborations of projects of internationalization and agency welfare are created, which foresee also the co-production and the birth of mixed businesses. Further, proposals can be presented for projects of international development and thus lead to financing and contributions for support of the shared projects.

  • The agency will be able to benefit from the widespread presence of the Augustinian missionaries in 50 countries of the world to single out new markets, partnerships and possible collaborations.
  • The agency and the Foundation will study together a development project with the goal of joining social support together with the benefit in economic terms.
  • The agency will obtain an evident improvement in terms of reputation and the course of RSI will become a characterizing element of the business of the agency. For this, thanks to an adequate campaign of communications, the rapport with their own clients and their own stakeholders will be improved.