SMP Villanova School

The goal of the project is to support the educational program of the Augustinian missionaries who oversee the construction and the furnishing of new classrooms, the enlarging of the residence for students and the continuance of educational activity begun in 2015.


The Augustinians have been working in the area of education since the beginning of their mission, thanks, above all, to the construction and operation of Villanova High School in Susweni at Manokwari.
In order to stand against the discriminatory attitude of the Indonesian government in their relationships with the Papuans, the scholastic program benefits 280 students of which 75% are indigenous, 45% male and 55% female.
In 2015 the Augustinian missionaries decided to take over the management of an old school opened in the past at Maripi, and today after the construction of nine classrooms and a small hostel, they have begun with two complete sections.
Thanks to the collaboration with Villanova High School, the young men and women receive an entire cycle of education and thus can proceed to the university, an opportunity which up to now was unthinkable for the Papuans.

SettoreEducation and Human rights
LocalitàWest Papua: Maripi, suburb of Manokuary
Data InizioJuly 2015
Data FineOn going
FinanziatoriAugustinian Province of Holand
Stato progettoAperto