A school in Kinshasa that makes differences: First the Poor

The overall goal of the project is to contrast the social and economic disparity in Limete, suburb of Kinshasa, thanks to a program of development in the educational sector (infrastructural and high-quality teaching) with particular attention to the problem of child labor

The project, already analyzed and approved by the Augustinian friars, will be developed in Limeté, in the periphery of Kinshasa, where almost 400.000 people live, many of whom are living in conditions of poverty and disturbing underdevelopment. In Limeté, as in the entire country, the phenomenon of child labor is very great, also because of the large presence of industries (about 875). The Foundation Augustinians Across the World, together with the Congolese Augustinian friars, has studied a program that will begin with the construction of a comprehensive institute (maternal, primary, secondary and technical), in order to put forward a quality educational program which will be closely tied to the requests of the industrial sector. Further, a characteristic of the school is that it will have a program specifically to confront the phenomenon of child labor and will involve other no profit organisations, schools, businesses and public institutions. The school will be able to benefit 1000 children, around 40 teachers and will create a network of at least 15 structures.

SettoreInfrastructure and Education
LocalitàRDC: Kinshasa, suburb of Limeté
ImportoYear 2017: Euro 542.092; Year 2018: Euro 471.741; Year 2019: Euro 374.000; Year 2020: Euro 262.000 (provisional)
Data InizioJuly 2016
Data FineSeptember 2018
FinanziatoriCuria Generalizia Agostiniani, Federazione Agostiniana di Belgio e Germania
Stato progettoAperto