Fatima Hospital

The Fatima Hospital in Ketapang has a new XRay Equipment

From 7 to 15 of January 2018, Fr. Anthony Banks and Maurizio Misitano have visited the Augustinian Sisters of Divine Mercy in Ketapang, West Kalimantan – Indonesia.

From October 2017 the Foundation, Augustinians Across the World is working with the sisters to develop their healthcare program that includes the Central hospital in Ketapang and six rural clinics. The Foundation, thanks to a contribution of The Saint Augustin Foundation from California, has bought a new XR Equipment for the Hospital in Ketapang to improve the service and the number of patients. After the visit in the Ketapang Hospital, together with Sr. Felisitas and some doctors, Fr. Anthony and Maurizio went to the villages of Tanjung and Sandai to visit their two Maternity Clinics. The sisters and the local people have appreciated very much the visit of the friends from Western Countries, because they come in the heart of Indonesian Borneo despite the rain and the very bad condition of the roads.

The next challenge is to support the development of the rural clinics and to implement the cooperation among them and the Central Hospital.