A new development program for Chambas

The goal of the project is to renovate and expand the parish house of the Augustinian friars in Chambas, in order to support their cultural and social activities.

Augustinians have taken the responsibility for the parish of Chambas in 2006, an area inhabited from 66,238 people between Chambas and Florencia, in Ciego de Ávila province. The province is one of the poorest of the Caribbean island. If, as in all Cuba, the educational system is guaranteed, we can not say the same about the health and socio-cultural sector that, at least in this area, is not able to guarantee an adequate service to the needs.

The Augustinians have focused their work on these sectors and, specifically, they have set up an healthcare center which assists people during the week also with medicines. They also develop an awareness program with young people and, together with Caritas, is part of the Programa de tercera edad, to help the elderly, of the Programa aprendiendo to crecer with children with disabilities and their families and of the Programa grupo de desarrollo humano with young people.

Thanks to the project we want to support the Augustinians in their activities for the local people, in particularly in this time of change, for those people who risk to be excluded.

SettoreInfrastrucuture and Social development
LocalitàCuba, Ciego de Ávila province, City of Chambas
Importo30.000,00 euro
Data InizioSeptember 2016
Data FineSeptember 2019
FinanziatoriADVENIAT; Conferencia Episcopal de España
Stato progettoChiuso